Mayur’s menu

The chefs at Mayur Indian Restaurant in Amsterdam offer you and your guests a huge variety of traditional North-Indian dishes. High-quality meat (lamb, chicken and fish) is marinated for twenty-four hours before it is grilled to perfection in red-hot charcoal in our traditional Tandoor oven. You can see the chefs at work through the window of the open kitchen. Come and have a look, you might even learn a thing or two about this traditional way of cooking!

A la carte

Our restaurant has a surprising menu for Curry lovers and it goes without saying that all dishes can be adjusted to your taste. Let our staff advice you in finding the perfect curry for you. But most of all: don’t hesitate to try something new! You never know what flavors’ await you outside of your comfort zone. Have the chefs surprise you and enjoy!

Shared dining the Indian way

It gets really interesting at Mayur Indian Restaurant in Amsterdam if your party consists of four or more persons. Because this means shared dining the Indian way! The chefs have put together a three-course menu which, in Indian tradition, means starting with grilled delicacies from the Tandoor oven. The next course encompasses everything the Curry-chef can come up with. Heavenly curries, herby, spicy and a bit sweet, with delicious vegetables, along with freshly baked naans and, of course, the famous Mayur saffron rice. For the third course, our menu has a variety of Indian desserts to choose from like kheer and kulfi. Any requests you might have will of course be taken into account.


Mayur Indian Restaurant in Amsterdam is the perfect spot to enjoy a shared dining together with your family, friends and colleagues. Our large booths seat ten persons but still remain cozy and intimate. Because Mayur is all about relaxing together while enjoying a lovely dinner! Not sure what to choose from our menu? Then opt for our Tasting Menu, a delicious tasting that lets you get acquainted with our special Indian cuisine.