Halal in the centre of Amsterdam

Are you a Muslim or Islamist and looking for the perfect place to eat in the centre of Amsterdam? Then you have come to the right place at Mayur Indian Restaurant because we serve natural ritually slaughtered meat.

Because India is by far the most religious-tolerant country on earth, Mayur’s team therefore felt it was more than fitting to make the dishes accessible to followers of Islam as well. Because of their religious belief, our chefs do not eat beef. This is why they only work with chicken, lamb and shrimp. The lamb and the chicken are ritually slaughtered by an Islamic butcher which guarantees that it’s 100% halal.

Mayur is the perfect place for your halal dinner, even for a business dinner with guests from an Islamic country. Your Islamic guests can choose from an unprecedented offer of the tastiest halal Tandoori- and Curry dishes and Biryanis that have been prepared by the chefs with the utmost care.

During Ramadan Mayur is a popular location for Muslim men and women because the kitchen is open until 11 p.m. This means that guests can enjoy a halal meal when fasting ends. It is possible to place an order prior to the dinner so that the Mayur team can serve the halal meal straight after the fasting is broken.