Vegetarian food in Amsterdam centre

For vegetarians is to find a good restaurant in Amsterdam quite a task. Often in restaurants only one or two vegetarian options on the map, while there for the meat and fish eaters among us enormous possibilities.

The same authentic curries 

At Mayur Indian Restaurant at the Korte Leidsedwarsstraat in Amsterdam Centre can vegetarians. About one-third of our menu is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. For the vegetarians in Amsterdam (and of course beyond) offers authentic curries Indian Restaurant Mayur the same as for people who do eat meat. In doing so, the meat is replaced by delicious Indian cheese called paneer or panir.

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This meat substitute in India is an important form of protein for millions of people, since a lot of vegetarians living in India, often from religious point of view, or because there are simply no meat available.

If you are with a group of friends or colleagues are looking for a restaurant in the Centre of Amsterdam, near the popular Leidseplein and several entertainment venues such as the Nieuwe De La Mar theater, the theatre or Paradiso and the Melkweg, a look at the website of Mayur.

Vegetarian thali

Both vegetarians, vegans and omnivores can enjoy a tasty dinner at Mayur Indian Restaurant. If your company several vegetarians, then we serve a vegetarian shared dining menu, and if there are only one or two people vegetarian food, we have the option to serve a vegetarian thali. This is a great dish with all delicious vegetarian dishes, with a lot of taste variations.

The Indian cuisine is to a large extent on meatless dishes vegetarian because based from Hinduism often is eaten. This allows for a wide variety of dishes, this is in contrast to other global cuisines, where vegetarian and vegan options often are scarce.

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Mayur Indian Restaurant in Amsterdam offers your company an all-in-one package for your group dinner. In the heart of Amsterdam, next to the Leidseplein, we offer you and your party a fantastic shared dining experience, suitable for guests who are vegetarian or vegan or halal food according to Islamic rules. Anyone can go to Indian Restaurant Mayur, which makes for a relaxing evening for your host, hostess or organizer.

From that, we're inside we take care of everything you could wish for in the field of food and drinks. The most delicious cocktails or mocktails, also called virgin cocktails, are served next to your (vegetarian) meals. We also have several special beers and an extensive wine list.

In short, do you have a large group with different dietary requirements?  Then come along at Mayur Indian Restaurant in the Korte Leidsedwarsstraat near the Leidseplein in the heart of Amsterdam Centre. Muslims, both vegetarians, vegans, and those with a gluten or lactose intolerance with a fantastic night. For example, has a tinder-date with a nice vegetarian, but you love meat? Look no further and come to Mayur Indian Restaurant, where we also have organic meat on the map stand for the conscious guest, and of course for the animal lovers among us. Our biological offer is further extended in the future.

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