About our menu

Here at Mayur we offer our guests a large variety in traditional Northern-Indian dishes.

The highest quality cuts of lamb, chicken and fish are marinated for twenty four hours before they are grilled to perfection in our traditional charcoal heated tandoor (a barrel shaped clay oven, in which the skewers with meat are inserted). Come watch our chef do his thing through the window of our open kitchen, and learn a thing or two!

For the curry-lovers among us we have plenty to offer as well, and all dishes can be adjusted to your specific taste. If you are wondering how much flavour you can handle, just talk to our staff and they will advise you. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, who knows what flavours are waiting beyond?

Most of our curries have a vegetarian option as well, with lovely marinated paneer (Indian cheese) instead of meat, and of course the vegetable side dishes that accompany any dish perfectly.

By the way, for our Muslim friends, all our meat is Halal!

A la carte

We are always willing to help finding the perfect dish for you. And since we serve your food not on your own plate, but in the Indian way, all over the table in little pots and pans, sharing with your friends is the way to go!

Shared-dining, the Indian way

When your company consists of four or more people, things can get really interesting, since there will be more to share.

Our chefs offer a three or four course shared dining menu where they, in true Indian fashion, start you off with a variety of Tandoori dishes. This will be followed by all that our curries have to offer, ranging from sweet to spicy, accompanied by our famous saffron rice, vegetables and freshly baked Naans and Rotis (Indian breads). If you have any special requests, make them known, and we will cater to them.


Mayur is the perfect place to enjoy a dinner together with your family, friends and colleagues. Our large booths seat up to ten people cozy and comfartably, while still maintaining an intimate athmosphere. Eating together, that is what life is all about!


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